Tie Dye Camp Out 2010 at Hill’s Hippy Hollow in Missouri

•June 28, 2010 • 1 Comment

by Cala Vera

Tie Dye Camp Out was incredible… Musical guests Reelfoot totally melted our minds with their incredible sounds and psychedelic screen shows. I love this band and WILL purchase their CD when it comes out… not online, either! Keep it real and buy from the artists, yo!

Pictures and video are trickling in and yeah… it was a great time!


Burn Circus at InterFuse 2010

•April 16, 2010 • Leave a Comment

If you don’t have tickets to InterFuse, you are out of luck, because they are sold out!

If you DO have tickets to IF then come hang out and spin fire at our Burn Circus theme camp.

Join us Friday night at the camp for a special musical performance by Romani Blue, Columbia’s very own Middle Eastern String and Drum band. there will be belly dancing, fire spinning and all kinds of merrymaking going on, not to mention the entire InterFuse party!!!

BURN It DOWN at InterFuse 2010!!!

Burning Love

•January 24, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Friday night, January 22, Burn Circus spun fire for a fairly large crowd of art enthusiasts and amazing people out for a night of dance, love and art in the Catacombs of CoMo.

All of our Circus members were present and spinning for the very first time together in the same place. I believe it was a first public performance for both Hoot and Jason! We rocked it out with staff, poi, snakes, swords, hoop, triangle and meteor and a great time was had by all of us. Thanks Artlandish Art Gallery for hosting Burn Circus!

The weather is warming up soon and Burn Circus has plans to be at Earth Day as well as at InterFuse. Any other events, festivals or parties are welcome suggestions!

We aspire to spin fire all over Mid Missouri, so hit us up!

Frosty fire

•December 7, 2009 • Leave a Comment

by Cala Vera

No matter how cold it gets, we always seem to get outside and spin fire. My toes and fingers will be tingling and my nose running, but I’m out there with a meteor flying around my head and tabla beats and tiki torch flames filling the air. And there is a whole group of us that just can’t get enough of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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by Cala Vera

Today is Thanksgiving here in America. The smell of sage and pumpkin pie hangs heavy in the air and all across the country people are gathering together with their loved ones and celebrating all of the many blessings that there are in this life, in between football games and the ensuing family bickering and quintessential food coma.

My Thanksgiving dinner celebration will be small and sweet. My hugs and my heart go out to all of my family, friends and everyone that I love who cannot be by my side today.

We have much to celebrate and be joyful for, despite the strife in the world today and also perhaps as a result of it. Let’s all reconnect with that part of ourselves that realizes the happiness is an inner expression, an internal experience rather than an external expectation brought to us by the actions of another. We are joyful, wise beings living in a world where we are challenged to remember that.

Be your joy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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by Cala Vera

Shawn got his fire poi and Anna has hers on order! David’s fire staff is also in the mail and I’m manifesting a fire meteor… I can just feel it.

It’ll be so great to have more than one set of fire poi to share between 5 people! My fire heads have been well used, and they’ve held up pretty well. I’d say I got my moneys worth out of them.

Let’s get together and spin, ay?

Burn Circus Demo

•November 16, 2009 • 1 Comment

Great job Virtuous Luna, you put together a fantastic video!