Burn Circus Backyard Spin

A birthday party marked Boonville Fire Department’s issuance of their first ever ‘fire art performance permit’, created specifically for Cala Vera and Hoot to perform in a residential backyard at 2am on a Wednesday!

Happy 40th Birthday Sonya! And thanks, Parrish, for not wigging out when you’re neighbors were texting you complaining about the music…


~ by Cala Vera on November 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Burn Circus Backyard Spin”

  1. awesome – it is really cool to see how good you all are at this. I will need to see a live demo sometime. teri

    • We got one permit in Boonville, we can easily get another. I’m thinking the next Hewerdine family gathering is going to have some hot entertainment! -Angie

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