Let It Be

by Cala Vera


IMG_4261Spinning fire is an art form that has many dimensions. Everyone adds their own unique movements. Everyone experiences those moments of clarity when all of a sudden an entirely new way of moving with your toy reveals itself.

Everyone has a different personal understanding of what spinning fire means to them. Some people practice every day and others have only been lucky enough to try it once. There are people who are amazing poi spinners that have been doing it for years and they have never set their poi to burn.

It helps, in a circus, to recognize that everyone’s level of performance is going to be different and to let those differences be acknowledged and accepted. This way we can each develop our skills in a time frame that naturally suits us. And we can work closely with others which aids in our own progress, as well.

I believe that spinning fire is a healing art, not just something that looks beautiful. Think about it… The fire rotates in cleansing planes of movement throughout your entire energy field, also known as the aura. It purifies on all dimensions , burning away old karma, resentments and doubt. Not only that, but it takes physical stamina and concentration to excel at spinning. For many, it’s like a meditation, and it can transport us to new levels of awareness.

Not everyone wants to spin fire. It’s amazing to me that anyone wouldn’t want to do this, but those differences are acknowledged and accepted!  I want Burn Circus to be a place where people can come to spinning fire at their own pace. Let it be about creating a community of people who care about whats taking place in the connections being made as well as a place for people to showcase whatever gifts and talents they are developing at the time and as it suits them.


~ by Cala Vera on November 7, 2009.

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  1. Amen,sister

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