Every Day is a Circus

by Cala Vera

When every gathering becomes a circus right off the bat, you know it is going to be fun! That’s what we want Burn Circus to be… a fun place to come hang out and play with fire in a setting that focuses on a theme that we can all appreciate.

Burn Circus is more than just the name of a new fire spinning troupe, it is a description of what we do, of how we want to grow. The circus brings such a range of  images to life in our minds, both exhilarating and scary. Dancing elephants aside, the circus is basically a collection of unique individuals who come together and showcase all of the interesting ways that they have found to be spectacular. We feel like it can only get better as we open up to invite a community to take form. Our circus can be as simple or as prestigious as we wish to make it. No matter when we come together, it will be with a sense of performance, mystique, co-creative participation and above all else, FUN!

You don’t have to play with fire to be a part of Burn Circus… you can juggle, walk a slackline, bang on a drum, play hand cymbals, spin LED poi, kick a hacky sack…

While we will seek a level of professionalism and commitment for those who wish to perform with Burn Circus at paid gigs and events, the community aspect that sustains Burn Circus is accessible to everyone who wants to participate in something magical and fun.


~ by Cala Vera on November 3, 2009.

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