Burn Circus


burn: to destroy by fire; to set on fire, cause to blaze, shine or give light; to injure by fire, scorch, singe or scald; to inflame with anger or desire                                                                                      
circus: a circle, ring or similar arena usually enclosed in a tent for a show of acrobats, wild animals, clowns etc……

BURN CIRCUS; a gathering of friends of fire, for fun, music and merriment of all kinds; to show and teach each other of the ways of playing with fire or just playing; spin, juggle, walk a slack line, stand on your head or howl at the moon; whatever you want to do, we will all be there to cheer, because burn circus isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind. We are BURN CIRCUS!

Check out our Home page for up to date information.

Throughout the winter we will set up spins at festivals and events, in backyards and on riverbanks. If we can set up there, we can spin there, provided we have all of the necessary permits…so we need some advance notice if you want to set something up.

If you want to join our circus, we’re looking for jugglers, drummers, musicians, artists of all kinds and anyone who has something to contribute.

For performance information or other questions, email us at fireshow@burncircus.com


2 Responses to “Burn Circus”

  1. I love Burn Circus!!!
    You all rule!
    Thank you

  2. You guys are so much fun to watch and hangout with.

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